Gift Special Needs Children’s Parent Club
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  I. Background information
  Gift Special Needs Children’s Parent Club was established in October 2008. The initial funding was donated by an individual and the supervision was carried out by the Hui District You Hua Health Welfare Center (NPO). During the first two years the premises where the club was located was only temporary i.e. in the Henan Hui District at the Seven-Colored Flower Welfare Kindergarten. In 2011 March, Gift has its own premise which is called Gift Parent Resource Center. Since its inception, the club has provided services for nearly 200 families with special needs children. The club is a non-profit association and parents attend the activities free of charge.
  Gift was established because we see the needs of special children’s families. There are five significant factors, namely:
  i.The proportion of children in Zheng Zhou with special needs is high.
  ii.Parents with special needs children cannot receive any support from government and  training organizations charge parents high fees for training the children, thus there is a  heavy burden upon the parents, both financially and psychologically.
  iii.Children with special needs are discriminated against and do not have equal rights when it comes to education and work etc.
  iv.Parents with special needs children normally have a negative attitude towards their children and are often ashamed of them.
  v.People in society have little knowledge and awareness of the existence and rights of children with special needs.
  II. Vision
  Healthy families and social environment in which special needs children are highly valued demonstrating God’s love
  III. Mission
  To care and help special needs children’s families through providing practical, professional and psychological resource and support.
  IV. Main objectives and strategies of reaching objectives
  1.  Bring God’s Truth to parents of special needs children so that the parents will change their attitude towards their children and toward life in general.
  a)  Set up more Bible study groups for parents to know the truth of God’s word;
  b)  Maintain regular contact with the local churches;
  c)Get the churches to support the centre financially and / or prayerfully;
  d)Get more brothers and sisters involved in out-door or in-door activities, so that they have more chances to share gospel with parents during activities.
  2.  Providing emotional support for parents coming to know God, opportunities for sharing their experience and promoting mutual aid among parents to help each other problems solve.
  a)Hold meetings with the parents to provide an opportunity for parents to share about their experiences of parenting children with special needs, to express their emotional anguish and to talk about the achievements which they have made, and to get the parents to take more responsibility in the assistance of other parents who have similar experiences;
  b)Some parents receive some counseling training to help with other parents;
  c)Provide marriage and personal counseling;
  d)Do follow-up with parents by visiting them in their homes;
  e)Establish QQ group, so that parents discuss deeper issues through internet;
  f)  When parents drop in the center, their children will be taken care of by volunteers so that they will have a break to reduce their stress.
  3.  Providing professional training for parents and opportunity to practice and improve parenting skills through interactive activities.
  a)Invite foreign and domestic specialists to give lectures to the parents on subjects like; special education, physical therapy and speech pathology, with the aim of helping the  parents solve the problems which confront them in their daily lives;
  b)Organize in-door and out-door interactive activities to help parents learn how to interact with their children
  c)Provide parents training about day to day life skills and demonstrate how to teach children
  d)Specialists will provide some suggestions on the problems faced by parents
  e)Volunteers majored in special education will provide respite service for disabled children during their spare time at children’s home.
  f)Some courses on art or music will be designed for disabled children.
  4.  Providing resources relating to special needs children and parenting.
  a)  Set up a database, including medical information, schooling, toys, training, law and regulations concerning the rights of children with special needs and welfare etc;
  b) Providing information and resources about the services in the local area for special needs children;
  c)  Provide parents books on disabled children’s parents’ stories, disabilities information, educating, parenting marriage etc;
  d) Hold exchanging market for parents to exchange their books or children’s toys with each other every month
  5. Through club activities the community’s attitudes towards children with special needs will change to be more accepting. Besides, advocating for the rights and welfare of special needs children.
  a)Organize big-scale activities on Down’s Syndrome Day, Autism Day, Disabled People’s Day, Volunteer’s Day and Children’s Day to publicize the center, to attract more parents , to advocate for the rights of children with special needs and to make people aware of the needs and rights of the children;
  b)Through the Media, report the activities of the club with the aim of increasing the center’s impact;
  c)Edit and print a biannual newsletter which gives wide publicity for the club and increases peoples’ knowledge and awareness of children with special needs;
  d)Establish a website for the club, so that the latest news of the club can be easily disseminated;
  e)Visit some special needs schools, hospitals and other organizations in order to publicize the aims and services of the club and build relationships with them, and;
  f)Contact local government to get more support and increase the impact of the club.
  Add: Jing Er Road and Jin Shui Road, Zhong Zhou Du Hui Guang Chang Yard, No. 1 Building No. 6 Flat, Zhengzhou, Henan
  Tel: 0371--86098831, 13303869507
  Project Manager: Xu Bing
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